Environmental, Social and Governance
We support diverse perspectives, strive to minimize our emissions footprint, and uphold high standards in interactions and operations.
Diversity, equity & inclusion
“We create a diverse, inclusive and inspiring work culture and use our skills, and business model to help shape a better society.”
Dr. R. Gerald Bailey
  • Value-driven company
    CTi values everybody fairly, allowing for equal opportunity to succeed – regardless of their ethnicity, gender, age, religion, ideology, disability or any other attributes.
  • Non-Discrimination, and Non-Harassment
    CTi is dedicated to following state and federal laws that protects employees from retaliation for filing complaints under this policy or for taking part in investigations of violations.
  • Respect to human rights
    We are a people driven Company that works every day to put people first, by creating an inclusive and diverse work environment, and respecting the human rights of everyone.
Responsibility for sustainability
We lead the way in sustainability through innovative cavitation technology, while promoting a greener, more environmentally responsible future.
reducing in chemical usage.
patents issued domestically and internationally.
Our basic principles in Governance
We like to look ahead, and our corporate governance stands out for responsible leadership and governance with a focus on long-term success.
Ethical Leadership and Innovation
At CTi, our governance is anchored in ethical leadership that has guided us since our founding in 2007. Our commitment to innovation drives us to continually explore new avenues for ESG-friendly solutions that benefit our planet and society.
Transparent Communication and Shareholder Engagement
Openness is vital to us. We foster transparent communication with all shareholders, sharing not only our achievements but also our challenges. We believe in engaging with employees, investors, clients, and communities to ensure that our actions align with appropriate expectations. We're committed to reporting our progress transparently, highlighting not only our technological successes but also our contributions to a more sustainable world.
Risk Management and Whistleblower Protection
We prioritize risk management, identifying potential environmental, social, and governance risks and proactively address them. Our strong whistleblower protection mechanisms empower employees to voice concerns without fear of reprisal, ensuring ethical conduct across our operations.
Shareholder Value and Accountability
As a publicly traded company (CVAT), we understand our responsibility to shareholders. However, we also recognize our broader accountability to society and the environment. Our governance principles prioritize delivering value to all stakeholders while remaining true to our green tech mission.