CaviTune™ Super Mixer

Low Pressure Nano Reactor (LPN)

Patent Pending - Serial No. 15/375,809

LPN multistage cavitator designed to achieve improved performance over conventional technologies covering a wide range of applications while processing large volumes of fluids. The improved performance of a low pressure multistage cavitation system is going to be achieved through the introduction of an innovative conceptual designs and usage of advanced computational techniques. LPN systems will depict design methods that combine the best analytical design tools combined with actual computerized test data, resulting in a cost effective flow through cavitation systems with state-of-the-art performance, reliability and high cavitation efficiency.

Single-stage, Multistage and Mixed-flow Cavitation Design

Analytically driven design methodology, combined with years of experience in cavitator engineering and technology, allows CTi engineers and designers to comprehensively understand the variety and prerequisites for each specific application. Our cavitator design solution is built around a solid core of design procedures that effectively address many attributes, including:

  • Best-in-class cavitation efficiency
  • Reliability — robust mechanical design without any moving parts
  • Cavitation performance tailoring
  • Optimum matching cavitation characteristics
Pressure - 290 psi (20 bar) Pressure - 290 psi (20 bar) Pressure - 290 psi (20 bar)
Flow Min. - 5 GPM
(18.9 liter/minute)
Flow Min. - 10 GPM
(37.8 liter/minute)
Flow Min. - 50 GPM
(189 liter/minute)
Flow Max. 15 GPM
(56.8 liter/minute)
Flow Max. - 50 GPM
(189 liter/minute)
Flow Max. - 110 GPM
(416 liter/minute)

*Flow calculation is based on water

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Low Pressure Nano LPN1 Low Pressure Nano LPN2 Low Pressure Nano LPN3

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