GEA Westfalia

GEA Westfalia Separator manufactures filtration and equipment such as separators, clarifiers, decanters and membrane filtration systems. This equipment is used for the purification of suspensions, the separation of fluid mixtures with simultaneous removal of solids, extraction and concentration or removal of liquids from solids. The technological dominance of the company is based on over one hundred fifteen years of innovation, first-class engineering solutions and comprehensive processing capabilities. The company was founded in 1893 in Oelde, Germany, and since 1994 has been a part of the GEA Group AG and is a business unit within the GEA Mechanical Equipment segment. In 1950, Westfalia Separator established US and Canadian corporations to serve as sales and marketing arms to compete in the burgeoning North American market for centrifuges. Read more:

Cavitation Technologies, Inc. has entered into a Technology and Licensing Agreement with the GEA Group AG - Westfalia Separator Group in August of 2012. The companies have agreed to jointly develop and patent new applications of CTi’s core technologies. As part of the Agreement, GEA Westfalia will assemble a complete commercial test system comprising Nano Reactors®. This system will be installed at Westfalia’s facility to carry out the trials and speed up the development of the most promising applications.

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