3T Veg-Oil Consulting LLC.

3T Veg-Oil Consulting LLC. is located in Crowley, TX. Larry J. Paukert, the President, served as an Advisor at the Norman Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture, provided domestic and international sales and technical assistance to N. Hunt Moore & Associates, Inc., worked as a Sales & Technical Manager at IMPCO, Division of Continental Eagle Co. and performed the duties of Plant Manager at Southern Cotton Oil Mill Co., Division of Archer Daniel Midland Co.

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Cavitation Technologies, Inc. has entered into the Agreement with Larry Paukert, relying on his vast knowledge of the vegetable oil industry, in an attempt to reach out to the small-scale (with a capacity of less than 100 MTPD) vegetable oil refineries and the facilities that are involved in the processing of specialty and exotic oils.

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