Desmet Ballestra Will Install CTi's System at Soybean Oil Refinery in India

16 May 2013

LOS ANGELES, Calif., May 16, 2013 - Cavitation Technologies, Inc. (CVAT) Berlin: (Stuttgart:WTC) announced today that the Desmet Ballestra Group, CTi's strategic partner since 2010 and licensee of the company's vegetable oil refining technology, has entered into a sales agreement to build and equip a new Soybean Oil Refinery plant in India. The purchased system, capable of processing 250 tons of oil daily, will be installed in the first fiscal quarter of 2014. CTi anticipates an initial down payment from the sales agreement in the first fiscal quarter and additional revenue from the sales agreement in the remaining quarters of 2014.

Igor Gorodnitsky, CTi's Principal Executive Officer, offered, "This installation will be our first in Southeast Asia, a region with enormous potential in the edible oil processing industry, and will occur at a newly constructed processing plant in India. The fact this refinery has opted for out Nano Neutralization process over the conventional method represents a pivotal breakthrough for our company and our technology. We hope that this installation will translate into more sales in Southeast Asia, as our technology has demonstrated it can reduce costs and environmental impact in both new and existing edible oil refineries around the world.

About CTI Founded in 2007, the company designs and manufactures state-of-the-art, flow-through, robust devices and systems and develops processing technologies for use in edible oil refining, renewable fuel production, expeditious petroleum upgrading, algal oil extraction, alcoholic beverage enhancement and water treatment. As an add-on to existing neutralization systems, the company's patented NanoReactor(TM) allows refiners to significantly reduce both processing costs and the environmental impact, while also increasing the yield. More information is available at

About Desmet Ballestra Group The Desmet Ballestra Group is the world leader in the fields of engineering and supply of plants and equipment for the oils, fats, animal feed industries, detergents, surfactants and related chemical industries and the oleochemical and biodiesel industries. Desmet Ballestra possesses a great worldwide reputation, thanks to over 60 years of experience, a significant R&D capacity and the most extensive customer base in the industry. The company has sales and engineering offices in 15 countries. More information is available at

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