CTI’s Nano Degumming System Completed Testing and Performed Above Expectations

6 Jan 2010

Los Angeles, CA: January 6th, 2010: Cavitation Technologies, Inc. (CTI) (OTCBB: CVAT & Berlin: WTC) is pleased to announce a successful testing of its first commercial scale nano-degumming skid system, the Green D+.

The 43 GPM (gallon per minute) unit has performed above its expectations.  Our system will replace expensive processing equipment of oil refineries worldwide. Green D+ will offer substantial savings to the vegetable oil degumming industry and offer all the benefits related to our environmentally safe process.

"Green D+ Plus Degumming" (GPD) system is implemented for efficient and inexpensive refining of crude vegetable oils and is very compact in size and extremely energy efficient.  An 80% reduction of chemicals is offered by CTI's Nano cavitation reactor for physical process refineries and 100% reduction of acid used in the chemical refining process. This totally acid free process could provide at least $100,000 to $500,000 savings per year for a single refinery plant. Degumming is one of the most expensive processes in the vegetable oil refining business and CTI is ready to offer its unique solution to lower costs and increase revenue of the refineries.  Reduction of chemical use also has a positive environmental impact and is directly related to substantial reduction in emissions of CO2 and NO2, reduction of contaminated waters produced by the refining process and many other environmental benefits.

CTI's unique Nano Degumming system offers reduction and elimination of chemicals used in the oil degumming business and this could translate to $100,000,000 savings annually to the industry.  Our 200 Tons/year degumming unit is ready to be installed on a commercial scale. This new technology will replace older, more complex and costly equipment and systems which are less environmentally friendly and will offer substantial savings in energy, maintenance, labor and chemicals over conventional processes.

CTI continues to identify new applications for our technology. All of the applications are in industries where there is a need to solve environmental problems, reduce operating costs and improve profitability.

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