Cavitation Technologies Goes Public and Is Pleased to Announce a Completed Reverse Merger

28 Oct 2008

Cavitation Technologies, Inc. (CVAT) is pleased to announce that it has completed a reverse merger and is now trading on the OTCBB under the symbol CVAT. Cavitation Technologies, Inc. (CTI) headquartered in Chatsworth, California, is a manufacturing and engineering company that offers clients worldwide a wide array of products and services designed for the biodiesel industry.

CTI specializes in design and sales of proprietary, patent pending nano-based cavitation reactors and modular biodiesel plants with its signature product BioForce 9000. BioForce 9000 is a unique type of reactor which utilizes Flow-Through Nano-Cavitation technology to process any feedstock up to 4.5% F.F.A and has the capacity to produce 18,000,000 gallon a year per unit expendable to virtually any size.
CTI is also pleased to announce a successful transition from a strictly R&D company to a manufacturing, sales organization. The company is led by seasoned business professionals with management, manufacturing, engineering and environmental experience. Our system is now ready for sale on a commercial scale, offering low investment and reduced operating expenses. CTI brings numerous advantages and efficiencies to the biodiesel market. We invite investors to visit for additional information on CTI products and services.
"We at CTI are very excited to redefine the industry and change the way biodiesel is made today. Our goal is straightforward and simple -- to provide the most effective biodiesel processing equipment and renewable energy worldwide, while increasing shareholder value on a consistent basis. We strive to become a technology leader in the biodiesel industry and intend to be a market leader in the biodiesel manufacturing equipment worldwide," commented, Roman Gordon, CEO.
In addition to producing biodiesel, our nano-based cavitation reactors can be used for various applications in the chemical, food and beverage, and personal care industries.

Cavitation Technologies, Inc. (CTI) is a company whose vision is to become the technology and worldwide market leader in the manufacturing and sales of modular biodiesel production systems based on nano cavitation technology.
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