8th Euro Fed Lipid Congress in Munich, Germany

2 Dec 2010

The 8th Euro Fed Lipid Congress was held in Munich, Germany from November 21 – 24, 2010. www.eurofedlipid.org/meetings/munich/. The European Federation for the Science and Technology of Lipids congresses are recognized as annual "don't miss this!" event of the Lipids, Fats and Oils world with up to 850 delegates, including 200 students.

N.V. Desmet Ballestra Group s.a., www.desmetballestra.com , a European based conglomerate and worldwide leader in the design and delivery of advanced processing systems for vegetable (edible) oil extraction and refining facilities throughout the world, was participating at this important Congress. Last month, Desmet and CTi entered into an exclusive new global technology license, marketing and collaboration agreement with respect to CTi's proprietary Nano Reactor™ technology.

According to Roman Gordon, CTi's CEO, "We are very pleased that Desmet participated at this year's Euro Fed Lipid Congress in Munich, Germany, as Wim De Greyt and Marc Kellens presented the Nano Neutralization™ process to an international audience." It was an excellent opportunity for us to introduce and promote our unique Nano Neutralization™ process. Mr. Gordon also stated that efficiency, quality and sustainability are key criteria for our new improved process in edible oil refining.

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